Do you have Wrist Pain ? Try these simple carpal tunnel treatments from home

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome must be dealt with by many people on a daily basis. Common complaints are numbness, wrist pain, weakness or even stiff or cold joints of the fingers. These symptoms can often become a lot worse at night time.

Although a lot of sufferers are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome wrist pain, the understanding of why the condition occurs in the first place is not known by everyone. Carpal tunnel syndrome will typically occur after the injury through repetitive strain to the wrist. Feeling to the wrist and hands is controlled by the median nerve, and it is this nerve that becomes compressed. This compression is responsible for the weakness, pain and discomfort experienced in varying degrees by carpal tunnel patients. Ice Therapy, Massage, Medications and Joint Support Gloves are some of the methods used for how to treat carpal tunnel which can often alleviate a lot of the pain.

carpal tunnel treatments


Ice therapy is a treatment used by many people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Applying an ice pack for around ten minutes on the inside of the painful wrist can be a very effective relief which lasts around 2 hours. Ice treatment works by calming inflammation and reducing swelling, which in turn relieves the compression around the nerve.


Gentle massage can often find relief of the carpal tunnel symptoms mentioned by many sufferers. The massage should be applied on the fleshy area of the base of the hand. This massages needs to be performed by another person rather than attempting it yourself as it is most effective by using two hands. Significant relief can be gained from the pain of carpal tunnel by having this massage performed two to three times per week.

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Medications and medicines:

Taking non habit forming medications like ibuprofen or aspirin are another form of simple carpal tunnel treatments. A combination of anti-inflammatory medicines and one or more of the treatments mentioned are often used by patients.

Joint Support Gloves:

Carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers with associated wrist pain often find gentle-compression gloves beneficial. They work by retaining body heat inside the glove, which effectively aids muscle relief and joint pain. Joint support gloves are available in a wide variety of types, and sufferers will usually find the ideal type to suit their conditions and budget.

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