Weekly Round Up – December 14, 2013

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A Few Good Reads

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the past week.

1. What to expect after coming out of carpal tunnel surgery: 

Surgery is never good.  In fact, some people fear surgery so much, that they put off getting it, or even going to a doctor, until it is to late.  That’s why, before getting surgery, it is a good idea to research the topic, so as to be better prepared for when you eventually go in.

Carpal tunnel surgery recovery is no different.  In a given year, over 200,000 such surgeries will occur!  Researching the topic will help you save time and effort.  So lets get started!  Below are a few things you need to know before going under the knife. Read full article

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2. Focus on Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: 

The hand is a miracle of engineering, but it has one design flaw: the tendons that control the fingers pass through a narrow tube in the cleft of the hand called the carpal tunnel.

The carpal tunnel – a  narrow rigid passageway of ligament  and bones— about as big around as our thumb —is located on the palm side of our wrist.  This tunnel protects a main (median) nerve which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand and nine tendons that bend our fingers. Read full article

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment: 

Carpal Tunnel Master, created by Hilma Volk, is a new carpal tunnel syndrome treatment course that covers advanced treatment plans, safe methods, exercises, and detailed instruction on how to eliminate the numbness, tingling, and pain in their hands, wrist, fingers, and forearms. The course also introduces to people natural remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, proper diet plans, tips, and step-by-step techniques that help them understand and follow with ease. In addition, in this course, people can know all about carpal tunnel syndrome such as signs and symptoms, causes, pathophysiology, prevention, diagnosis, history, and treatments. Furthermore, the course also teaches people what they need to know about the hands, wrist and forearm, how to determine causes that cause their carpal tunnel syndrome, and how they can get rid of this condition without using drugs or pills. Read full article

4. Best tips magnetic carpal tunnel syndrome support from ame: 

Sturdy home medical equipment, also referred to as home medical equipment or HME, is often a well being care piece of equipment that facilitates the aged and handicapped person to perform every day activities in an effortless manner. Our medical equipment provide company is definitely an revolutionary and leading idea for giving home medical equipment for meeting the desires of just about every person. We specialize in home and person well being care. Within the array of home medical equipment , we’ve a number of the best and most sturdy medical equipment which is accessible at genuinely economical rates. On the lookout for Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Support from AME? Look into for additional details of Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Support from AME right here at our store. 100% satisfaction assure. Read full article

5. Avoiding Carpal Tunnel: 

People don’t understand that you can end up with carpal tunnel by doing a lot of computer work or doing other activities like knitting. Even lots of driving has been known to cause carpal tunnel problems. Any repetitive hand or wrist movement can lead to this condition.

There are things you can do to help prevent the onset of carpal tunnel: exercise, use the correct chair and desk, and have regular rest times are just a few that will help Studies have shown that people who don’t exercise regularly experience a higher risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of these studies come from Redmond CL, Bain GI, Laslett LL, and McNeil JD. Varied activity generally helps lessens stress and is beneficial to preventing carpal tunnel. Read full article

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