Tips to Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel

You hear of so many cases of people suffering from the painful symptoms, you have to wonder:  is there a way to prevent carpal tunnel?  The good news is that yes, you can prevent the disorder with just a few tips to get you started.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder that occurs in people who continually have their wrists in a flexed position for extended periods of time. Women, who are more liable to develop carpal tunnel syndrome than men, those with diabetes and assembly line workers are at the highest risk.

Musicians, computer operators and grocery store checkers are among those at high risk, especially if they are predisposed for the condition with smaller than average carpal tunnels.  For those who regularly perform this type of work or any work where the wrists are called into action often, knowing how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is essential.

Prevent Carpal Tunnel
A painful condition, carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling and numbness in the fingers, hands and arms.  Working to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome will avoid the onset of symptoms that lead to the disorder, and can easily be done on a daily basis.

One way to prevent carpal tunnel is to examine your daily tasks for those which keep your wrists flexed.  Try to reorganize your work space if possible to remedy this; if at a computer, situate your body so that your forearms lie flat and your wrists straight.  If changing your workstation is not an option, wear wrist splints that will hold your wrists immobile.  Exercising your arms and wrists is an important component to prevent carpal tunnel; stretching the affected areas, resting them periodically and maintaining good posture.  If possible, change jobs occasionally with co-workers to alleviate the monotony of repetition on your wrists.

Perhaps you are already feeling some of the symptoms attributed to carpal tunnel.  If so, it is crucial to begin measures immediately to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from progressing in intensity.  Wearing the wrist splints as described earlier will help to reduce pressure on the affected wrist.  Putting ice packs on the wrists to ease the swelling in the carpal tunnel brings some much needed relief.  Taking some aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce swelling and pain also helps to relieve the area.  And most importantly, see a doctor immediately to begin treatment of the area.

These steps will help you to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from affecting your life.  Always be conscious of symptoms, however minor, that may indicate the onset of the disorder and then take immediate steps to alter the course of it.  Taking steps to prevent carpal tunnel now will save you from a great deal of pain and medical bills later on. Get more idea on CTS: Click this link

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