5 Easy to do Exercises for Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Repetitive motion or overuse of the forearm or hand can often cause the painful nerve condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Bear in mind that exercising is just one method of changing the symptoms that caused the condition in the first place.  Be careful with these exercises as over doing them could cause even more harm than good, and the advise it to seek advice from a doctor if the symptoms of carpal tunnel get worse.

  • Start by Warming up: With both your arms straight out in front of you, gently turn your wrists upwards pointing your fingers towards the ceiling.  Clench both hands firmly in a fist and squeeze hard, then flex your wrists down, hold for around five seconds and then relax them.  Allow your arms to drop to your sides and gently shake your fingers.


Carpal Tunnel Pain – Your Online Source for Information on Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is an area at the base of the hand where the median nerve is found, surrounded by tendons. If the tendons and ligaments become inflamed or swollen, the median nerve becomes compressed; causing what is sometimes shooting and excruciating carpal tunnel pain.  This inflammation that occurs in some people can be caused by a variety of outside influences.  There are differing thoughts on what the actual causes are, but it is clear that there are certain occupations which predict the condition.


Carpal Tunnel Glove – A Revolutionary Breakthrough

A carpal tunnel glove is a new therapy that has amazing results for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a devastating condition for many Americans. Thankfully the new therapies involving a carpal tunnel glove can provide results for even the most severe long term CTS patient.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where long term trauma to your carpal tunnel causes pain and numbness in your hands, fingers, and wrist. The carpal tunnel wraps your wrist with a ligament running through the side. The nerve that runs through this tunnel is called the meridian nerve. The carpal tunnel is usually inflexible, however, once it becomes soft it expands and places pressure upon the meridian nerve. This is the essence of carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS is caused by repetitive movement of your wrist and your hand. The carpal tunnel glove is now providing above average relief for many patients.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Basic

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS, in its simplest form is caused by repetitious movement of the carpal tunnel areas.  There are many jobs and activities that could affect your chances of your developing CTS.  Imagine you’re a jackhammer operator.  You enjoy your work and its great pay.  Without proper protection however, you may not even realize the physical damage your job is causing you.  The consistent vibration that your carpal tunnel is under brings about CTS.  A jackhammer or any power tool could cause this same problem.  However, vibration is just one of the many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy

What is Carpal tunnel?

In our wrist there are eight small bones known as the carpal bones. These bones are in a semi-circle position with the base or the roof being formed by the carpal ligament. Inside the “semi-circle” are tendons, vessels and nerves which are involved in the movement of the hand.


Radial Tunnel Syndrome


Radial tunnel syndrome is a medical condition in which people experience pain in the area of the forearm which lies just below the elbow. The focal point of the pain and the symptoms of Radial Tunnel Syndrome have great similarity to those of tennis elbow, often leading doctors to misdiagnose it as tennis elbow.


Do I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel is located in our wrists. There are eight small bones known as the carpal bones in the wrist. These bones form a semi-circle and the base of this semi-circle are formed by the carpal ligament. The place inside the semi-circle is known as the carpal tunnel. Inside the tunnel are tendons, vessels and the median nerve.

The median nerve located here is responsible for two things. The first is to deliver commands from the brain to move the thumb and the second is to send the “feeling” of touch to the brain. When the median nerve comes under pressure for any reason the “signals” flow is disturbed. The signal flow disturbance in turn leads to symptoms of the condition termed as the carpal tunnel syndrome.


How To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You probably don’t stop to think about the health of your carpal tunnel, rather than when you are feeling some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a very painful condition that can be defined as an aching, stiffness, or burning of the wrists and hands, and can sometimes lead to a sharp pain that will shoot up the arm and into the shoulder. It is often thought that carpal tunnel syndrome only comes from sitting at a computer desk typing, however this isn’t the only way that you can develop it. Experts feel that it is usually based on many different factors. These factors may include fluid retention, rheumatoid arthritis, heredity as well as diabetes. What’s good is you are able to learn how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by following these simple tips just below.