Symptoms of Tendinitis

What are tendons?

Tendons are the white fibrous tissues present in the human body. Their purpose is to connect muscles to the bones and thus lead to movement of all joints in the body. Since the tendons job involves bearing the weight of the muscles attached to them they are very strong.

Overview of Tendinitis

Tendinitis also known as Tendonitis is when the tendons become inflamed or irritated. Tendinitis commonly results from one of the following two:

  • Tendon injuries received while playing sports that involve throwing or using a racquet for example tennis.

  • Doing a repetitive activity that leads to the over-usage of a specific tendon. For example using a computer mouse has been seen to be one the leading causes of tendonitis in the wrist.



It has been seen that Tendinitis is more common in people who have diabetes. The reasons for this occurrence have yet not been completely understood. Read more


Symptoms of Tendinitis

The main symptoms that will arise in the case of tendinitis are pain and inflammation in the affected region.

People who have tendonitis experience the following:

  • A pain that worsens each time the affected region is moved

  • When the affected part is moving a feeling of the tendon being grated arises.

  • A weakness in the affected region

  • Swelling may arise, sometimes there may be redness.


Different types of tendinitis and their symptoms

Tendonitis can arise in various parts of the human body. Some of the different types are:

  • Calcific tendinitis

Calcific tendonitis concerns the shoulder. This takes place when calcium phosphate crystals formation takes place in the supraspinatus tendon located in the shoulder. Calcific tendinitis can lead to a person experiencing long-term mild pain along with short-lived severe pain. The pain can travel up to the neck or down to the arm.

  • Biceps tendinitis

This affects the upper arm. To be more specific the tendon that is responsible for attaching the bicep to the shoulder is affected. This can lead to pain arising in the area of the shoulder and upper arm. The pain will be felt more when one reaches over-head.

  • Trigger finger or thumb

In this case of tendinitis the thumb or the finger is stuck in a bent pose. This leads to nearly a “clicking” feeling when straightening it.  This happens when the tendon sheath in the palm is inflamed and thickens. It also happens due to the formation of a small lump along the tendon.

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