Simple Carpal Tunnel Treatments You Can Do At Home Now

Easy Home Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Many people over all age groups are affecting by the problem of Carpal tunnel syndrome. The characteristics of this painful condition are primarily discomfort or pain in the wrist, fingers and forearm which hinders normal free movement of one’s arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when excess tissue or fluid compresses the carpal nerve located in the wrist. Overuse of the hands and wrists or gaining weight rapidly during pregnancy are very common causes of this painful condition. Carpal tunnel treatment can be in the form of home remedies or even surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve. It is strongly advisable before committing to expensive surgery to try some simple home remedies that can often work and be much less expensive and painful.

Simple Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Giving your wrist a Rest:

Allowing your wrist to rest is one of the easiest remedies for relieving the pressure and pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome can very often flare up and get worse with overuse. Writing or typing to excess will cause the pain to get worse. Elevating your wrists above your heart to allow your blood supply to flow more freely through the veins in your wrist and hands will help to relieve the pressure. Help to alleviate the pressure also by taking frequent breaks from repetitive tasks.

Watching Your Posture:

The positioning of your hand can be a big factor in how your manage the carpal tunnel syndrome pain. Ensure you keep your wrist flat and straight as often as possible and when typing try not to bend your wrist downwards. There are ergonomic wrist rests with gel pads and keyboards available that can aid in taking the pressure from aching wrists. An alternative wrist rest could be as simple of a book or other such object to ensure you retain your wrist in a flat position.

Cooling Down:

Bloating and swelling can often cause the tissues in the wrist and hand to become inflamed and can then worsen Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. An ice pack applied and massaged to the affected area and ease and soothe the muscle and tendon pain.

If you are ready for treatment, put cold packs on your wrists to ease both the inflammation and the pain. Diuretics (water pills) may help decrease the swelling. Yoga has proven to be helpful to some people. Serious conditions may require surgery — so follow the guidelines for prevention as much as you can.

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