Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Overview of the possible remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The type of treatment chosen for carpal tunnel syndrome will depend on many things. The first is the seriousness of the condition; the second will be an evaluation of whether there has been any nerve damage and lastly what treatments have helped. The options for treatment are non-surgical treatment and surgery.


If the treatment is begun early then non-surgical treatment suffices in most cases.  In case of experiencing mild symptoms like numbness, weakness or pain, one to two weeks of home treatment should remedy carpal tunnel syndrome.

However if home treatment does not suffice or if the symptoms are more severe (for example losing the ability to perform simple tasks such as grabbing a coffee cup) then there is need for a doctor’s examination and recommendation.



Non surgical treatment

Non-surgical treatment includes the following options:

Wrist splinting:  A splint is employed to hold the wrist while one is sleeping. This helps to take care of the symptoms of numbness and tingling which arise during sleep. This is a good option for pregnant women who develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Corticosteroids: If they find it necessary doctors inject the carpal tunnel with a corticosteroid injection in order to ease the pain.  These corticosteroids help to lower the inflammation and swelling thus lowering pressure on the median nerve.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: These help to relieve pain in the short term. There is no evidence to suggest that these drugs can serve as a remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome itself.

Home remedies:  Home remedies can help to gain at least temporary relief from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Some effective home remedies are:

  • If engaged in repetitive activities involving the use of hand then small breaks should be taken in between.

  • Rotating wrists and stretching the palms and fingers also helps.

  • Sleeping on hands should be avoided. This will help to reduce the pain or numbness being experienced in the wrists and hands.



Carpal tunnel surgery’s aim is to relieve the pressure being put on the median nerve. This is done by cutting the ligament which is pressing on the nerve.

After the surgery the ligament tissues overtime do grow back. But this time there is more room for the median nerve. There are different ways for carpal tunnel surgery to be carried out. Each method has its own advantages and risks. There is Endoscopic surgery and traditional open surgery.

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