Positive Prevention A Carpal Tunnel Mouse

Using a carpal tunnel mouse can prevent you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS. Many CTS cases are caused by traditional computer mice. The consistent back and forth movement, the constant clicking and the instability of the ordinary computer mouse, can cause damage to your carpal tunnel.

In the search for the best ergonomic mouse there have been many advancements. One of these raises the mouse, giving the hand somewhere to rest. Instead of resting your hand and putting the pressure on the wrong part of your hand, this is a mouse you actually grasp. A true carpal tunnel mouse allows each part of your hand to be supported naturally and does not allow unexpected movement.

Another advancement in the development of computer mice, is removing the mouse from the desktop entirely. This unique carpal tunnel mouse actually rests on the floor. You use the joint of your ankle and foot instead of your wrist to operate the mouse. The theory is that ankle is a much more durable joint than your wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the stress and pressure placed on the meridian nerve. The carpal tunnel is just wanting the name implies, a tunnel for your ligament, tendon, muscles and nerves. Normally it is inflexible and you are not able to bend it. However repetitious movement and vibrations can cause breakdowns in the tissue of the carpal tunnel. Once the carpal tunnel is damaged it begins to allow pressure on the meridian nerve. This constricts the meridian nerve and creates the tingling feeling, the pain or the numbness commonly associated with CTS. Since the repetitive movements of using your computer are a large cause of CTS, researchers set out to find the best carpal tunnel mouse as a preventive measure.

Some experts recommend using a pen tablet as your carpal tunnel mouse. Technology is trying to catch up and find options to remove the computer mouse all together. This advancement may prove to be a very important one. CTS is a degenerative condition and modern computer mice are a major cause. If you are not ready to give up your mouse for a tablet or an ankle mouse, there are several companies currently producing safe computer mice. These ergonomically safe products are thoroughly tested by researchers and while they are no guarantee that will cure your carpal tunnel syndrome, they do offer hope.


As a heavy computer user, I can readily attest to the discomfort in my hands and wrists after a long day of typing and using my computer mouse. It is important for me take precautions and perform a few quick exercises throughout the day. These exercises will allow me to continue typing while reducing my chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Although you may not use your computer for the same extended periods as I do, using a computer is a necessity for many of us. Numerous professions today require us to be on a computer on a regular basis. Be proactive and learn more about the benefits of purchasing a carpal tunnel mouse.

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