Natural Cures for Carpal Tunnel

In today’s time, people are beginning to turn to alternative treatments of ailments to avoid the use of medications. For a  person that is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, there are many options before the use of over-the-counter medications, injections, or surgery may be necessary. Before the options of medicine people used natural home remedies to treat various conditions based on the properties of foods and herbs.


Aside from exercising and stretching, a person can seek relief from symptoms of carpal tunnel in their kitchen. Some examples of items to try include:


• Willow bark can be used for it pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The active ingredient is salicylates, and it was what aspirin was composed of.

• Chamomile not only helps soothe a person a night it can also help calm the nerves that are causing pain due to carpal tunnel. This herb also has anti-inflammatory abilities as well.

• Pineapple is a significant source of Bromelain. This is an enzyme that is recommended to treat inflammatory conditions because of the ability to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain.

• Cayenne pepper has compounds that have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Homemade capsaicin salve can be created with the cayenne pepper, and rubbing alcohol to be applied to the area of pain. It is also recommended to add lavender to the salve not only for the soothing properties but also for the use it has in treating inflammation.

• Turmeric contains the chemical curcumin, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that are supposed to be as effective as the use of cortisone. This herb can be sprinkled on food along with black pepper to increase the availability of curcumin.

• The herb comfrey can elicit its effect by being applied to the skin to help with inflammation and pain. To do so the leaves must be steamed prior to applying to the wrist. This herb can also be added to the homemade capsaicin salve.

• Cumin has various pain relieving, anti-inflammatory compounds. This is another herb that can be added directly to ones food and be ingested.

It is important to understand that natural remedies may or may provide the immediate relief that is found in taking medication.  Also important to note, if the condition does not seems to be getting any better and/or getting worse, a physician should be consulted. A person should also, not ingest anything that is not meant for consumption because of the potential risks that they can arise. The remedies listed here are mostly all food products that are easily found in the kitchen.

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