How To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You probably don’t stop to think about the health of your carpal tunnel, rather than when you are feeling some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a very painful condition that can be defined as an aching, stiffness, or burning of the wrists and hands, and can sometimes lead to a sharp pain that will shoot up the arm and into the shoulder. It is often thought that carpal tunnel syndrome only comes from sitting at a computer desk typing, however this isn’t the only way that you can develop it. Experts feel that it is usually based on many different factors. These factors may include fluid retention, rheumatoid arthritis, heredity as well as diabetes. What’s good is you are able to learn how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by following these simple tips just below.

Allow Your Wrist To Take A Break

While you are taking a walk around let your wrists have some time to relax. Gently bend them around and hold the stretches for a little bit and then gently relax them. Then you will need to flex and bend your fingers as well.


Good Body Position

Good Body Position

Don’t Use As Much Force

You don’t need to be pounding on your keyboard or holding onto your pen with a tight grip in order for them to work. Allowing your hands to relax while you work is a great way on how to prevent carpal tunnel.


Use A Correct Posture

When you slump in your chair this can put a lot of pressure onto your hands and your wrists. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to using the proper posture at your desk. You should keep your feet on the floor in a flat position and your eyes should be leveled with your computer. If you have a taller desk and chair, place a footrest underneath to ensure that your feet are flat. Make sure that you have a supportive chair that will shape with your body to keep a good position. Make sure that you take the time to walk around and give your hands and wrists a short break, when you stand this will help improve your posture. You should do this at least five times out of the day during work hours. Make sure that you don’t extend your legs or cross them for long durations of time. This will cause a lot of stress on your joints. It is recommended that you try to keep your knees, your ankles and your hips all at a 90 degree angle. These are some great ways for you to understand how to prevent carpal tunnel.


Make Sure Your Hands Are Warm

When you are in a very cold room, this causes your hands to become stiff. If you are able to change the temperature, then do so. If you are unable to change it, wear a pair of gloves that are fingerless. This is a good way to keep your hands warm.


Try Some Yoga

Any type of exercise that builds your strength is good for your joints and can be a good way on how to prevent carpal tunnel. Yoga has been found to be one of these exercises. It can relieve pain and keep you flexible to increase your amount of mobility.

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