The Common Sense of Carpal Tunnel Remedies

Carpal tunnel remedies are all over the place. There are many simple common sense things you can do to protect yourself and your carpal tunnel. Although seeing a doctor may be your best choice it is certainly not your only choice. There are things you can do at your home that will allow you to decrease the possibilities of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS.

CTS is a condition that affects the meridian nerve in your hand and wrist. The carpal tunnel is like a pocket that the ligaments, tendons and muscles of your wrist reside. The nerve that runs through your wrist is called the meridian nerve. The carpal tunnel is designed to be inflexible. When you have a large amount of repetitive motion or constant pressure applied to your hands and wrist then it can cause a breakdown of your carpal tunnel. When this breakdown happens, your carpal tunnel bends under the pressure and will rub against the meridian nerve. This can cause pain, numbness, tingling and loss of grip. Many carpal tunnel remedies can ease the symptoms and problems when you strain your carpal tunnel.

Simple things you may not normally think about can improve your chances of not developing CTS. There are many over the counter products available, and others you can receive with a prescription from your doctor. This alone makes the amount of carpal tunnel remedies available a long list.



However, medication is not the only solution. There are preventative remedies that can ease the discomfort of carpal tunnel injuries or avoid them altogether. For instance, sharpening your knives will ease the amount of pressure you need to cut things. Use softer pencil strokes when writing, to remove the strain upon your carpal tunnel. Softening the handles of tools you regularly use will decrease the amount of pressure you are putting upon your arm and wrist. Using your dominant hand on a continual basis can cause unneeded stress upon your carpal tunnel. It is suggested that whenever possible to switch and use your other hand. Regular resting and exercise of your wrist and hands are other things you should do on a regular basis. These are all common carpal tunnel remedies.


Recent studies have shown that taking Vitamin B6 can ease many of the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Before you start using Vitamin B6 on a regular basis, you may want to consult your physician to prevent any issues with dosage. Your doctor will also be able to recommend a wide variety of products that can be used as carpal tunnel remedies. Some of these could be ergonomic products, wrist supports, carpal tunnel gloves and a host other choices to help you prevent pain.

Many achievements have been made in the fields of acupuncture and acupressure. More information on these specific carpal tunnel remedies can be found by visiting a licensed acupuncture specialist. A licensed massage therapist can give you a carpal tunnel massage. You can even apply yoga techniques to ease the pressure of carpal tunnel remedies. Carpal tunnel remedies can affect your whole lifestyle and if left untreated can have serious ramifications on your daily life. It is a very good idea to research all of the remedies available to find the best common sense practices for your health. There is a lot of information available to research your options. As with any medical condition it may be best to consult your family physician for advice on the best carpal tunnel remedies. See here about carpal tunnel natural treatment.

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