The Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are straightforward and easy to recognize. CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) in its simplest form is caused by repetitious movement of the carpal tunnel areas. There are many jobs and activities that could affect your chances of your getting CTS.

Imagine you’re a jackhammer operator. You enjoy your job and its great pay. Without proper protection however, you may not even realize the damage this job could be doing to you. The consistent vibration that your carpal tunnel is under may bring about CTS. This is not limited to a jackhammer – any vibrating power tool could cause this same problem. Vibration is just one of the many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your carpal tunnel is a body mechanism designed to protect the tendons, ligaments, and nerves surrounding your wrist. Consistent strain to this area will cause it to become damaged and that will lead to developing CTS. If preventative techniques are not adopted you may fall prey to the many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Explore Some Others Cause

Vibration is one isolated because, let’s explore some others. Let’s say you operate a computer all day long. It is your responsibility to be typing and using your computer mouse. Over time the continued motion of your fingers moving over the keys on the keyboard, or the constant repetition of you clicking one of your mouse buttons, can cause you to come down with CTS. Repetitious movement in one direction is one of the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Even a writer could easily have a breakdown in their carpal tunnel. Think of it this way, you’re holding your pen or pencil in a strained position, and then gliding your hand over the paper. In this case you’re moving your hand in many different directions; however it is still a repetitious movement in different directions. You guessed it – this is one of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Hobby or Interest

It does not matter what your career, hobby or interest, you may be susceptible to problems with your carpal tunnel. Unless you absolutely never use your hands it does not matter what industry you work in. The causes of carpal tunnel syndrome cover a wide spectrum. Equipment operators, cooks, writers, computer operators, mechanics, teachers, and many others all can develop carpal tunnel.

Of course there could be underlying hereditary factors to keep in mind. A history of diabetes or some other medical condition can be one of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is always important to follow simple options such as stretching or wearing protective gear to prevent CTS.

A good teacher will tell you that the best preventative measure you can take in any situation is education. Learning all you can about carpal tunnel syndrome can help you make the most informed choice as how to prevent yourself from falling prey to it. An easy solution is to protect yourself by learning about all the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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