Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its Treatment:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the compression of the Median Nerve in the carpal tunnel. The cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is usually unknown. Some attribute the carpal tunnel syndrome to constant use of the hand such as in typing on a computer keyboard. But there is yet to prove on the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The median nerve is further compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome because there is constant pressure buildup within the carpal tunnel. The median nerve cannot move to prevent compression because it is surrounded by bone on one side and inflexible ligament on the other side. As the median nerve is compressed further, the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome worsen.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

The symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome are pain, paresthesia, hand muscle weakness and tingling sensation especially on the fingers. The symptoms are specific to sites on the hand controlled by the Median nerve. The symptoms usually worsen at night and the patient will have a hard time sleeping because of the pain. To prevent further compression of the median nerve, the hand must be stabilized

To stabilize the hand, carpal tunnel wrist brace are used. The carpal tunnel wrist brace places the hand in a neutral position where the Carpal tunnel is at its widest diameter and therefore, helps lessen the compression of the median nerve. Carpal tunnel wrist brace is best used at night to prevent flexion and extension of the hand which can further compress the median nerve and increase the unwanted symptoms.

Carpal tunnel wrist brace are available in different styles and material. The physician will recommend the specific carpal tunnel wrist brace needed by the patient. The price of the Carpal tunnel wrist brace depends on the manufacturer of the wrist brace. There is expensive wrist brace, and there are also affordable wrist braces. Carpal tunnel wrist braces that are commonly used (with specific brands) are: Nexcare carpal tunnel wrist brace, Exoform Carpal tunnel wrist braces, Mueller carpal tunnel wrist brace, Bauer & Black carpal tunnel wrist brace

The pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel is lessened and alleviated but not for a long time. Carpal tunnel wrist brace are not usually used for long term because the median nerve compression is not alleviated. The pressure will continually increase in the carpal tunnel no matter how stabilized the wrist is and no matter how minor the compression. To eradicate all the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the median nerve must be released, and this can be done by surgery. The surgery for median nerve compression is the Carpal Tunnel release. This is employed to best prevent permanent damage to the nerve. Get more informative post:

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