What are treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Surgical and Non-surgical?

The good news is, 95% of all cases of carpal tunnel syndrome do not require surgery, and can be healed over time with alternative treatments.

Let us dig a little deeper into these alternative treatments, which we will categorize as: equipment,exercises,diet, herbs, and other.

Hand & Wrist Equipment

Equipment does not have to be expensive in order to be effective. Here are few items that you can purchase at a nominal cost that can have significant healing effects:

  • Wrist brace-A quality wrist brace is a necessary tool to have in your arsenal for healing carpal tunnel. You will want to make sure that the brace you choose fits properly, else it will probably not provide the support you need. Comfort is also important, because you will most likely sleep with the brace on to provide the support that you need during the night.
  • Yoga mat-If you have ever if there would be a good time to take up yoga, now would be that time. Yoga can help reduce the pain of carpal tunnel, reduce inflammation, and increase blood circulation throughout the body. You would want to focus on poses that open, stretch and strengthen the joints of the upper body, while avoiding poses that put pressure on the wrists. You can modify certain poses, for example,the traditional plank or downward facing dog poses, can be practiced with your forearms instead of your hands.
  • Mouse pad with padded wrist rest- This will help to keep your wrist straight while you use your mouse.
  • Ergonomic keyboard- These keyboards, designed to reduce strain that may aggravate the carpal tunnel, are typically shaped like a V. They may take some getting used to, but are effective because they allow the hands to type at an angle that is natural to the human form.
  • Chair with armrest- An armrest that extends to the height of your keyboard will give your arms, wrists, and hands the opportunity to rest when you are not typing, and will reduce your chances of strain and injury.

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