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Carpal tunnel is an area at the base of the hand where the median nerve is found, surrounded by tendons. If the tendons and ligaments become inflamed or swollen, the median nerve becomes compressed; causing what is sometimes shooting and excruciating carpal tunnel pain.  This inflammation that occurs in some people can be caused by a variety of outside influences.  There are differing thoughts on what the actual causes are, but it is clear that there are certain occupations which predict the condition.

Jobs that require frequent repetition of wrist movements are those which possess the highest risk of the disorder.  Carpal tunnel pain is reported more from assembly line workers than from any other walk of life.  Other occupations at risk are grocery store checkers, computer operators and musicians.  Aside from occupations, there qazare specific people that are more likely to suffer from carpal tunnel pain.  Women experience carpal tunnel syndrome more than men, and diabetics are at risk as well.  Children and teens rarely suffer from this disorder.

To alleviate minor to moderate carpal tunnel pain, several options are available to the individual.  Doctors recommend taking aspirin or ibuprofen for the disorder, which will decrease the swelling in the carpal tunnel and thereby ease the pain felt.   Applying ice packs to the wrist is another way to reduce the inflammation and the carpal tunnel pain.  An immediate cessation of the activities that aggravate the wrist is strongly recommended by doctors, averting further injury.  Resting the problematic hand for at least two weeks can help to allow the body to try and heal itself, and wearing a wrist splint is an extra preventative to hold the wrist stable.

For severe carpal tunnel pain, surgery is the only alternative.  Having the ligament cut in the carpal tunnel widens the tunnel, immediately easing the pressure previously placed on the median nerve.  The relief from carpal tunnel pain is instantaneous after surgery, although it will be months before full recovery is realized.  There are some risks associated with the surgery that individuals must understand; possible infection, stiffness, scarring and wrist weakness are all potential situations. In most surgery cases, the patient has a full recovery.  Rarely do any of the individuals experience a recurrence of carpal tunnel pain. Knowing about tips to help prevent carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel pain is not a lifetime sentence.  Anyone who is experiencing discomfort from the disorder needs to seek help to alleviate the symptoms, even if it means to ultimately resort to surgery which ends the carpal tunnel pain forever.

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