Carpal Tunnel Massage – Can It Help?

A carpal tunnel massage is the act of applying even pressure in a rubbing motion from the elbow to the wrist. For someone who has carpal tunnel, a carpal tunnel massage can bring a lot of the pain and discomfort to an end. Although it is no cure, your arm will feel better and the pain and numbness will be reduced.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by unwelcome and added pressure on your meridian nerve. The carpel tunnel is the natural protector of your wrist, its tendons, ligaments and the meridian nerve. The carpal tunnel is bone like and wraps around your wrist on 3 sides. The carpal tunnel is usually inflexible, however consistent and repetitious movement can cause strain on the carpal tunnel and stretch it. This causes the carpal tunnel to place pressure on the meridian nerve. Once you have CTS, the pain level can be high, and it can cause tingling or numbness in your fingers, hand or wrist. A carpal tunnel massage can bring more life to your arm alleviating many of the symptoms you have.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A carpal tunnel massage is a basic, preventative type of maintenance. It can relax your tense muscles and promote better blood circulation. Patients are using this treatment to reduce pain and especially to improve grip strength. A carpal tunnel massage is usually administered by a massage therapist. Because of the simplicity of this massage this is also a treatment that one can do at home, either by themselves or trusting a family member to do it for you.

Obviously the amount of times you will visit a licensed massage therapy is restricted by your income. However, providing a massage to yourself can be done anytime. It is important to keep the pressure low but consistent. Too much pressure may cause more damage to your carpal tunnel. Inconsistent pressure could actually imbalance the strength of your arm. By consistently applying low, yet firm pressure to your arm, from the elbow to your wrist, you’re correctly giving yourself a carpal tunnel massage.


Carpal Tunnel Massage

In a recent study, a group of individuals who suffered from carpal tunnel was provided professional carpal tunnel massage therapy. This group was evaluated with the amount of tingle, grip strength, pain levels, pain thresholds, and overall arm performance they experienced. They were compared with other groups receiving different treatment. Over a four week period they were evaluated, and even required to fill out a pain or symptom journal. By the end of the very first massage, this group reported increased grip strength and reduced pain. By the end of the study there was a significant improvement in these patients. The effects of the massage therapy were not only beneficial in areas of pain and grip strength, but also in better mood levels and anxiety.

CTS is a restrictive condition that causes pain for millions of people. You should consult with your doctor about beginning a program of regular carpal tunnel massage. Find more articles

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