Carpal Tunnel Glove – A Revolutionary Breakthrough

A carpal tunnel glove is a new therapy that has amazing results for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a devastating condition for many Americans. Thankfully the new therapies involving a carpal tunnel glove can provide results for even the most severe long term CTS patient.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where long term trauma to your carpal tunnel causes pain and numbness in your hands, fingers, and wrist. The carpal tunnel wraps your wrist with a ligament running through the side. The nerve that runs through this tunnel is called the meridian nerve. The carpal tunnel is usually inflexible, however, once it becomes soft it expands and places pressure upon the meridian nerve. This is the essence of carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS is caused by repetitive movement of your wrist and your hand. The carpal tunnel glove is now providing above average relief for many patients.

Carpal Tunnel Glove

A carpal tunnel glove is applied to key points on your hand and wrist while sleeping. For the gentle hours while you sleep even pressure is being applied to the soft tissue of your hand and wrist. In a way it’s like a massage that you cannot feel. After awakening most sufferers report the carpal tunnel glove leaves them feeling much better.

Using the carpal tunnel glove over a long period of time, has much better results than other available therapies. You also have the added bonus of convenience, since everyone sleeps. A therapy that allows you to heal while you are sleeping is simply revolutionary. While this is no absolute cure, the long term effect of using a carpal tunnel glove has been proven to help CTS sufferers.

Carpal Tunnel Glove

Carpal Tunnel Glove

When you are wearing a carpal tunnel glove, and it applies its gentle pressure, without your being aware the inflammation in your joints is being reduced. Of course even though you are awakening revitalized, if you use your hands and wrists all day, by the end of the evening you will need to reapply the carpal tunnel glove again.


Wrist bands

There is also a type of carpal tunnel glove you can wear while you are working. These are more of a preventative therapy than their nightly relatives. These will apply pressure evenly; however these are to be relied on strictly as a supportive tool. Sometimes depending on your work, these are much easier to wear on your hands, because they do not interfere with your work. Wrist bands, and carpal tunnel supports can be very annoying, so wearing a carpal tunnel glove can replace their bulky counterparts.


Whichever carpal tunnel glove you are using, the one to support you during the day or the therapeutic one to wear at night, either of these can be considered a step in the right direction for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS can be lifelong affliction and choosing the best options for your ongoing care will be a very important decision for you. This is why the simplest approach may be the best choice you will make. No matter which option you decide, daytime or nighttime, clearly one of the best choices is using a carpal tunnel glove.

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