Carpal Tunnel Acupuncture, an Alternative to Surgery

There is hope in Carpal Tunnel acupuncture techniques for people that have problems with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a malfunction of the median nerve at the base of the wrist. A huge amount of pain can be felt as there is a tight compression to the muscles in that area, which can lead to spasms and muscle weakness in the hands and forearm. Surgery is a must have procedure for some people when the breakdown is too great.

However surgery can bring many risks to a patient. Problems with anesthesia and the risk of the surgery in general have led many people to look for viable alternatives. Some people actually get worse after surgery. Carpal tunnel acupuncture if applied at the earliest stages of symptoms can bring about much comfort and can improve your chances of recovery. This process involves treatment of Yang Ming, Tai Yin, and Jueh Yin channels of your arm and wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

In carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive activities cause a breakdown in your median nerve. Running power tools, continual motion, a continual flex of the muscles in your wrist and increased fluid retention can all cause these problems. Carpal tunnel acupuncture is not a procedure with circus antics, slight of hand or shrouded in mystery. Traditional acupuncture techniques involve carefully placing needles into areas on the body. Acupuncture works on the theory that the body operates with a life force energy. This energy is called qi, pronounced chee. This qi aligns the body with certain channels called meridians. These channels have points that, when pressure is applied – or more to the point energy is supplied, can bring about pain relief in the body.


With advancements in the field, there are many techniques used in modern acupuncture. Some still use needles and others are now using high performance lasers. Carpal tunnel acupuncture is performed to many parts of the body including the kidney, gallbladder, and liver channels of the body. The body is an interconnected machine and problems that affect one area, can easily affect other areas. Studies have proven that carpal tunnel acupuncture can restore nerve functionality and bring about long term pain relief for CTS patients.


You may be asking what the success rate of carpal tunnel acupuncture may be. In some studies an unbelievable 88 to 92 percent of people treated with what is called a Naeser Laser treatment, have had positive results. Naeser Laser treatment is similar to the TENS units people with back problems apply to there back. This is a non invasive home treatment that can greatly increase your chances of recovery. To obtain information about carpal tunnel acupuncture or other treatment alternatives to surgery, it is suggested that you consult a licensed acupuncture professional.


Carpal tunnel acupuncture is a very important breakthrough to anyone with CTS. With the ease of use, and non-invasiveness of this treatment, it is a virtual godsend. It is very important to try and get started with this treatment as soon as possible after showing symptoms. This will greatly increase the chances you may be able to avoid surgery, and long term nerve damage. As treatment options have opened up, the amount of pain that can be avoided certainly make it an easy choice to try carpal tunnel acupuncture.

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