Can I Treat Carpal Tunnel Without Surgery?

The good news for approximately 95% of all carpal tunnel cases: yes, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated without surgery! Of course the cure does not usually happen overnight, but there are many options (and combination of options) to choose from. The not so good news for the remaining 5%: your doctor may recommend surgery if your symptoms have persisted from 6 to 12 months. However, you can rest a little easier knowing that carpal tunnel surgery is the most common hand surgery performed in the United States, and most people who have the surgery recover completely. Although this may not be your desired path, there is still the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are a few ways to treat carpal tunnel without surgery:

Ice pack:
Use ice, not heat. Ice will reduce the swelling, but heat will inflame carpal tunnel even more. Apply ice packs several times a day for immediate relief and long term benefit.

Hand exercises:
Several times per day, slowly rotate the wrists in a circle for two or three minutes. This is a gentle exercises that will relieve pressure from the median nerve- the nerve in the wrist that provides feeling to the hand- and reduce inflammation over time.

Wrist brace:
A wrist brace will support the wrist and prevent the carpal tunnel from getting worse. Since carpal tunnel is usually more painful at night and first thing in the morning, you will need to wear it during the day and evening to achieve the full benefits.

It is important to have a an ergonomically correct setup at your work space. This may include a slanted keyboard, or a wrist pad that keeps the forearm and hand level so that you are not forced to strain when using the mouse. It is also.


It is possible that the compression that led to your carpal tunnel syndrome may not have come from the hand or wrist area, but other parts of the body. A deep tissue message can release toxins and stimulate blood flow, which can lead to reduced pain and inflammation throughout the body.

Weight loss:
Overall good health is key to reducing risk factors for a wide range of ailments, including carpal tunnel syndrome. By increasing the heart rate, you stimulate blood flow which can help relieve numbness. Over a period of time, you will also enjoy the added benefit of burning fat and loosing weight, which strengthens the body and accelerates healing.


There are several herbs are known for reducing inflammation and facilitating healing. Turmeric, for example, is a spice that you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet.

By becoming aware of your body mechanics and posture, you will be able to mitigate the repetitive motion activities that caused carpal tunnel. If possible, reduce or eliminate these activities altogether.
This is only the tip of the iceberg, but you now have a launching pad for treatments that you can start today. Happy healing!


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