I am happy that you would consider my site to place an advertisement on.  First let me give a few ground rules, I will not advertise for anything that I deem offensive.  If in doubt just shoot me an email and I can tell you if myself or my readers would be offended.

Our site is relatively new, and with any new venture there is risk.  As I continue to develop relationships and broaden my influence, there will be a point that there will be increased competitiveness for advertisements and sponsorship.  Don’t wait to land your advertisement on a premier website.  If you are interested in advertising, you will find that the rates and terms are very affordable.  There will be discounts for longer term contracts.  With that I hope you keep Carpal Tunnel HQ in mind.

The available sponsorships on Carpal Tunnel HQ are:

  • sidebar ads
  • in-content advertising
  • sponsored posts
  • book reviews
  • or any other media that you feel we could help you with

Thank you for your time and considering Carpal Tunnel HQ as a potential suitor for your advertisement needs.

Please contact me, I can be reached at carpaltunnelhq [at] gmail [dot] com.


– Christopher –