5 Easy to do Exercises for Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Repetitive motion or overuse of the forearm or hand can often cause the painful nerve condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Bear in mind that exercising is just one method of changing the symptoms that caused the condition in the first place.  Be careful with these exercises as over doing them could cause even more harm than good, and the advise it to seek advice from a doctor if the symptoms of carpal tunnel get worse.

  • Start by Warming up: With both your arms straight out in front of you, gently turn your wrists upwards pointing your fingers towards the ceiling.  Clench both hands firmly in a fist and squeeze hard, then flex your wrists down, hold for around five seconds and then relax them.  Allow your arms to drop to your sides and gently shake your fingers.

5 Easy to do Exercises for Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

  • Nerve Gliding Finger Exercises:  Extend your hands outwards with your fingers level and straight with your wrist.  Curl your fingers round in a hook shape and then straighten them again.  Curls all your fingers together into a fist and then straighten them again.  Bend your fingers round perpendicular to your wrist.  You should again repeat this exercise ten times.

  • Nerve Gliding Thumb Exercises: Clench your hand into a fist, then straighten your thumb and fingers.  Flex your wrist back, then move your thumb as far from your palm as possible.  Keep this position for around five seconds, then turn your wrist around so your palm is facing upwards.  Hold your thumb with the other hand and gently pull it away from your palm.  Again for this for around five seconds. Repeat the whole process five times.

  • Shoulder Exercises: Stretching your shoulder muscles can aid with easing carpal tunnel symptoms.  This can be done either standing up or sitting down.  Start with shoulders relaxed in a normal position.  Raise both shoulder gently up, then roll them back, down, forward then back up again returning them to the original relaxed position.  Repeat the whole process five times.

  • Neck Exercises: Keeping your neck free of tension will help your shoulders, and therefore could help ease carpal tunnel pain.  Gently allow your head to fall forward with its own weight, roll it towards your left shoulder then back again, and let your jaw relax.  Now roll your head to your right should, then forwards and up.  Again repeat the whole exercise five times.

These exercises are very effective in relief and treatment of carpal tunnel when done properly and regularly.

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